for clarinet, alto sax, trombone, percussion, piano, and electronic sound

Composed for Mod[ular] Ensemble.

program note:

The word /ping/ can be used to describe the impulse used in active sonar to navigate, communicate, or detect objects under water. It may also refer to a software utility used to test the reachability of a host on an IP network. Or, onomatopoeically, a ping is simply a sound. All of these associations of /ping/ are at play in my piece. Electronic sounds bounce chords rapidly back and forth between percussion and piano. Pings signal incoming short virtuosic outbursts from soloists (often announcing their entrances with call bells). Much of the piece is about sounds that are very short, yet have a series of consequences. Throughout /ping/, the players run frantically through confused and rapidly changing modes, until at last arriving together –or syncing up– in a peaceful, unified place. /ping/ was composed for MOD[ular] ensemble at the University of Georgia.

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