Four pieces for bassoon + electronics

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(2008) recorded by Peter VZ Lane


(2010) recorded by Peter VZ Lane


(2013) recorded by Peter VZ Lane


(2014) recording coming soon.

Program note:

Manteia are a series of four pieces for bassoon and electronics [Aeromancer (2008); Hydromancer (2010); Pyromancer (2013); and Chronomancer (2014)]. Each interpolates processed sounds of the instrument with other 'elemental' samples. Some these elements tap in to tried-and-true sampling tropes in the electroacoustic tradition. Thus, Hydromancer and Pyromancer more deliberately steal from (and salute, respectively) Hugh LeCaine's Dripsody (1955) and Iannis Xenakis's Concret PH (1958). All of the pieces in Manteia, in some way, grapple with my compositional impulse to embrace the influence of EDM, while also exploring the timbral, expressive, and virtuosic capabilities of the bassoon as a solo instrument in an electroacoustic setting.

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