versions for chamber winds or for wind symphony

Commissioned by the Sydney Conservatorium Wind Symphony
for the inaugural Estivo Festival

Recording by the Sydney Conservatorium Wind Symphony:


program note:

Hivemind is a fast-paced, energetic piece for winds and percussion. Thematically, the piece explores the idea of consensus building. Scattered themes and fragments gradually come together into more cohesive units. Melodies emerge from buzzing textures, trying to make sense of conflicting harmonies. Instruments imitate each other in different ways, until they finally agree on how the music goes, in the more climactic moments of the piece. The ensemble is grounded by two percussionists, each with economical and identical instrument setups, who constantly bounce rhythms back and forth from the far sides of the stage (until they, also, coalesce into unity). I like to think of the resulting antiphony between percussionists (and other instrument groups as well), as a conversation between the left-brain and right-brain--a spacial and musical dialogue that reinforces the dichotomy between what is structured and what is free; what is anticipated and what is surprising; and between what is cerebral and what is emotive.

This piece was commissioned by the Sydney Conservatorium Wind Symphony for their inaugural Estivo Festival in Verona, Italy, conducted by John P. Lynch, to whom the piece is dedicated. It was composed at the MacDowell Colony in the spring of 2014.

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