Exergy Bubblebath


for bass clarinet, 5-octave marimba, and electronics

Commissioned by Transient Canvas
Live recording by Transient Canvas (Amy Advocat and Matt Sharrock)

Live Recording by Transient Canvas

program note:

Exergy Bubblebath is an unlikely homage to both the music of Aphex Twin and the music of Stravinsky's serialist period. The electronic vocabulary and rhythmic orientation reaches back to Richard James's "Analogue Bubblebath" acid-house albums of the early-90s, while the harmonic language of the piece employs a fairly strict use of rotational arrays of fixed-register intervallic series. Electronic sounds are controlled via marimba mallets, which have been outfitted with small transducers to trigger sampled sounds. Exergy Bubblebath was composed for Transient Canvas (Amy Advocat and Matt Sharrock) and completed in the summer of 2015.

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